Mr.Alok Mohatta

Founded in 1978 by an Engineering graduate of the elite IIT(Madras) India, Aloke Alloys is an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2004 and an OHSAS:18001:2007 organisation and is the only foundry in India which is solely dedicated to the manufacture of Stainless Steel, High Nickel and High Cobalt Based Alloy Castings.

The organization is one of only 4 foundries from India to be sponsored by the Swiss government to participate in the Hanover Fair, Germany for the years 1999, 2000 & 2001.

By integrating people, materials, processes and equipments into a powerful and well managed production house, it delivers castings tailor-made to customer specifications, in either rough or machined form, to companies within India and also overseas to countries such as Canada, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Tanzania, United States of America (USA), Nigeria and China.

Armed with more than 40 years of experience and a dedicated team, Aloke Alloys has become the preferred vendor for companies seeking real competitive advantage by investing continuously in technology, machinery and its employees.

Aloke Alloys produces castings in varying compositions which are used for Corrosion, Heat and Wear Resistant applications, a few of which are given below:

Centrifugal Castings

Used in Sink Rolls, Stabilizer Rolls, Radiant Tubes, Cages, Bushes, Seat Rings, Liners for Control Valves, etc. We can make centrifugal castings from 60 mm OD to 705 mm OD in a range of different IDs and Lengths.

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Stainless Steel Castings

Used in Glands and Parts for Mechanical Seals, Ferrite free parts and Cages and Seat liners Rings for Valves & Pump Internals.

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Heat Resistant Castings

Used at high temperature service upto 11500C for Sulphuric Acid Plants and Steel Plants.

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High Nickel Alloys

Highly corrosion resistant castings used for Sleeves, Impellers and Pump Casings.

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Cobalt Alloys

Used in Bushes & Sleeves in the Galvalume and Galvanising industry and Wear rings for Valves.

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Super alloys

Nickel Copper and other Non-Ferrous Alloys for specialised corrosion highly demanding application

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